While the CDC and every major pharmaceutical company in the world scramble for a cure and vaccine, COVID-19 continues sweeping the world with 52.8M cases worldwide at the time of writing this article. However, while COVID-19 brought the world to a standstill briefly, the human population continues trying to adjust to its new normal. This is also seen in the realm of grocery shopping. As the world continues going online, every physical store now needs an online grocery store equivalent. 

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This does not mean that everyone prefers online grocery shopping to in-person shopping. However, it would not be an exaggeration to say that online shopping is much safer than going to physical stores. You need to take so many precautions when going to a physical store that you don’t need to worry about at an online grocery store. This brings us to our first point.

Sufficient Safety

Using your computer or mobile phone for your online grocery shopping remains the safest method of meeting your daily needs. It minimizes exposure to the virus both for you and others (remember, if you get infected, you also become a carrier). No-contact delivery is the latest development in keeping populations safe. Most stores offer no-contact delivery services and curbside pickup that protect both customers and delivery persons. This is especially necessary for high-risk populations i.e., the elderly or those with co-morbidities. By taking such measures, both the delivery persons and the customers stay safe.  

Complete Convenience

Online shopping and e-commerce have always benefited from the convenience it offers. Being able to order at any time, choosing your delivery slots, etc., are just some of the convenient benefits you get when you go to an online grocery store. Apart from being safe, you also don’t need to worry about waiting in lines or any such hassles that physical shopping brings.

Better and More Discounts

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Online grocery shopping often has more and better discounts and deals. Since running a digital store costs less than a physical store, this translates into the products’ prices. This is why companies can afford to offer massive discounts and great deals for their products. Even during non-pandemic times, this was one of the most significant advantages offered by online stores. This remains during the pandemic and will likely continue being the trend post-pandemic. 

More Product Options

The beauty of online grocery shopping is the complete product variety it offers. You can choose between multiple different sellers and compare and contrast products on the spot with customer reviews at your disposal. You get a complete idea of what to expect from each merchant, and you have a multitude of options that you may not get at the physical store simply due to lack of stocking space.  

Additionally, as e-commerce matures rapidly during COVID and becomes more customer-centrist, your favorite products will just be a click or tap away with many recommendations personalized based on your shopping habits.

More Informed Decisions

With online grocery shopping, all the information about products is at your fingertips. Even if it isn’t listed on the e-commerce website, you are already on the internet, so you can just look it up. You can see reviews, product descriptions, social validation, side-by-side comparisons, product guides, and usage videos with a single tap. This information range makes you a much more decisive consumer than choosing the first thing you see. You understand what you are buying and consuming with much more clarity – something especially crucial in grocery shopping during COVID, where hygiene is of utmost importance.

Easy Online Payments

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COVID-19 made online payments popular everywhere, not just in online grocery shopping. However, they continue being a major perk of online shopping, especially the one-click checkout. To this end, the prediction is that US customers will spend $632 billion through online transactions by the end of 2020. Paying online is very safe and prevents any possibility of contact. All the delivery person needs to do is leave your products for curbside pickup, and there need not be any cash exchange, drastically reducing any likelihood of virus.  

Therefore, online stores remain the safest grocery shopping method compared to their in-store counterparts, where masks and constant sanitizing are necessities. So why shop in-person when simple, no-contact, completely secure shopping is just a tap away?

ebounti groceries encourages online grocery shopping for reasons more than just COVID safety. Online shopping not only brings greater ease of navigation and better discounts, but it also helps you garner remarkable customer loyalty incentives for the longer run. Enjoy safe, contactless grocery shopping with free deliveries anytime. 


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