Going grocery shopping without an organized grocery list can lead you to pointlessly drifting in the store. You not only take back home a bunch of things that you don’t need but also miss picking the ones you really needed. Having a well-planned grocery list can get you in and out of the store much faster and also helps you stick to your budget, prevent ad hoc trips to the grocery store, and most importantly lets you stick to your eating plan. And, it doesn’t matter whether you prefer a local grocery store or an online grocery store – keep your grocery list handy before you start filling your cart physically or virtually.

Tips To Make A Full-Proof Grocery List 

Here are some easy tips and tricks to make a full-proof grocery list you can use when you will be creating your next shopping list.

1. Have A “To Buy” List

Now since it’s a grocery list, you need to have a running one to keep tabs on items that you have to buy. These days people have created a good hype around apps that can personalize your grocery list and claim to do so much more. But we feel nothing beats a handwritten one as you take charge of it. You can use sticky notes and put them on the fridge so that you can have them handy. Use and track this list to keep tags on the items that you are have completely run out or are close to refill.  

2. Make A Meal Plan 

Meal planning is a great way to ensure that you purchase only those items that are needed. Think about the meals you will need to prepare during the week and try to include perishable products. This is one great way to keep your budget sorted and stay organized. 

3. Watch Inventory Of Staples 

Once your meal plan is sorted go through your pantry and fridge and takedown the inventory of any staple items that need refilling. Staple stuff include eggs, milk, butter, granola bars, and canned goods that you use regularly and are on absolute priority. 

4. Specify Quantity 

When you create your list for groceries you would need to specify – “How Much” for every single item. The quantity of every single grocery item is very important when creating your list so that you don’t land up buying less or more than what is needed. Also, it is always good to know how much of a grocery item you need to get in advance.

5. Organize By Aisle/Category

To make your grocery shopping trip less tiring and time-consuming, organize the list based on the aisles or category of your local grocery store or online grocery store. You can divide your grocery list into the below parts, it makes it much easier to ensure that no items are overlooked: 

  • Fruits and vegetables
  • Pasta, rice and canned stuff
  • Oils, vinegar and condiments
  • Frozen products
  • Cheeses, yogurts, and other dairy products
  • Eggs, meat, and fish
  • Drinks
  • Personal care and hygiene products

This combined list will save you valuable time on the shelves.

6. Check Your List 

Make sure to run over your grocery list one last time and make any edits if needed before you leave for the store. If there are too many edits on the list, we recommend you write out a fresh copy of your list to avoid confusion while shopping.

7. Don’t Forget Or Lose the list

One of the most common things that people do is – Forgetting! Make sure you don’t leave the list on the table while rushing to the grocery store. Place the list somewhere you won’t leave it behind before you leave for your shopping trip. Another good idea would be to keep a picture of the list on your mobile phone, just in case you forget or lose the master copy this backup could come to the rescue. 

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