Berries are small, pulpy, sweet edible fruits that are usually round or oblong in shape and lack seeds. They can have a variety of flavors ranging from sweet to sour and tart. Although the botanical definition of berries includes many fruits and vegetables that we do not commonly refer to as berries. Aside from the well-known berries, the following article contains a list of Types of Berries in India!

1. Angoor

Angoor, also known as grapes, is one of the best types of berries in India and needs no introduction. Grapes, aside from being a popular fruit that everyone enjoys, have a variety of industrial applications, including the production of jellies, jams, juices, and wines.

2. Rasbhari

This low-fat berry has high water content, making it ideal for diet food. The fruit, which is high in vitamins and minerals, has a long list of health benefits and boosts immunity. Because of its high fructose content, the fruit is ideal for dieters.

3. Ber

One of the most popular berries in India, both children and adults enjoy the fruit. These fruits, which are known for their tart-like, sweet flavor, can be eaten fresh or dried. They make an excellent low-calorie snack and have a variety of health benefits.

4. Kokum

During the summer, the tree produces a large number of fruits, which turn purple as they mature. In addition to its industrial and culinary applications, this tree has a large canopy that can be used as a decorative in gardens.

5. Harfarauri

These berries can be found throughout Asia’s tropical and subtropical regions. Because the tree has small yellow berries, it also has ornamental value. Aside from that, it has some medicinal applications in the treatment of digestive disorders such as piles, diarrhea, and urinary concretions.

6. Jamun

Jamuns are native to the Indian subcontinent and are grown all year in tropical and subtropical climates. The purple-colored, oblong fruit has sweet, juicy flesh and is loved by all, especially children because of the purple color it leaves in the mouth after eating!

7. Shahtoot

The tree produces a large number of fruits during the summer, which turn purple as they mature. This tree has a large canopy that can be used as a decorative in gardens, in addition to its industrial and culinary applications.

8. Kosam

These berries are native to the Indian subcontinent and have exotic-looking yellow fruits. Kosams are wild berries found primarily in Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh forests. Its oil, also known as Kusum in Hindi, has numerous applications in traditional medicine.

9. Phalsa

The sweet and sour flavor of sherbet berry is what makes it different from others on the list. They are cultivated widely in the warm regions of the country. Famous for its cooling properties, phalsa is often eaten as fresh food and used in making beverages and syrups, etc.

10. Lasoda

Lasoda is also one of the most common types of berries in India, found in states like Rajasthan. It is a nutritious, ayurvedic plant with a lot of medicinal uses. The fruit is useful in treating many diseases like cough and cold, skin diseases, diarrhea, fever, and wounds.

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