Grocery shopping has always been associated with a physical store. However, with social distancing and the need to move online, grocery shopping apps are quickly rising. In the USA, digital grocery buying reached $5.3B in April – a record high and 37% increase from March. Such drastic increases indicate that major players are taking specific measures to better customer experience. 

(Source: S&P Global)

Therefore, we compiled a list of 6 features that enhance the online grocery shopping experience, drawing in more customers and ensuring a higher conversion rate. 

Seamless Omnichannel Experience

With various studies revealing that two-thirds of US mobile-owners access the internet primarily through their phone, the goal should connect the physical and digital shopping channels. Multiple ways of integrating customer experiences across channels are:

  • Click-and-collect shopping
  • Inventory management software that shares inventory data with the customers about what is and is not in stock
  • Consistent online and in-store pricing
  • Integrating shopping lists and carts
  • Applying loyalty program discounts and using customer data for recommendations 

This way, eGrocery solutions can cater better to their customers in this new omnichannel setup. 

Efficient Product or Online Store Search

When customers cannot find what they want on the store’s website, they often get turned off. This is avoidable by using techniques such as BigBasket’s drop-down from the search bar showing prices, quantity, and letting you add directly to the cart from the search bar. Alternatively, Amazon Fresh offers to autocomplete suggestions in their search bar, limiting the number of clicks necessary to navigate the products you want, successfully.

Quick Order Capabilities 

Integrating voice and image search options into the mobile app also enhance the speed of ordering online. Mainly if used with technology like Alexa or Google, providing a voice command that repeats an order or adds a specific product to the cart makes the process faster. This also makes the experience more interactive for the customer. 

ebounti offers a quick order experience where the customers can order via audio, voice notes and image search command options.

Frictionless Checkout

(Source: Idealo)

A study in 2016 found that nearly 70% of shopping carts were abandoned before checkout. While these statistics have changed now, complicated checkout pages are still a reality. One-click, single-page checkouts are much more likely to retain customers than drawn-out processes. Include multiple payment options and click-and-collect or scheduled delivery timeslots for maximum efficiency. If they are not ready to buy, “offer them the chance to save items to a wish list,” says Rob Garf, vice president of Strategy and Insights at DemandWare.

Real-Time Notifications

Allow shoppers to turn on notifications for their favorite items, so they are apprised on discounts or when it comes back into stock – tailor notifications based on customer data to see announcements of discounts pertinent to their needs when they happen. 

Contactless Delivery

In the era of COVID-19, ensuring safety is of the utmost importance. While offering free delivery is a great incentive, contactless delivery is required to maintain social distancing rules. This involves placing the item outside the door and sending the customer a notification that delivery is complete. The extra hygiene afforded by this is why 75% of online shoppers say they want to continue using contactless delivery even after the crisis passes. 


Incorporating such measures will enhance any eGrocery endeavors and give grocers a fighting chance in the new digital landscape. Therefore, they remain salient features of the current online grocery shopping ethos while being predicted to becoming a cornerstone of the future

ebounti eCommerce grocery platform is here to help stores create a digital footprint. With a keen understanding of the latest, most sophisticated inventory management systems, voice & image search options, and omnichannel integration, we help you effectively reach your loyal desi customers with completely safe delivery options in every instance!


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